Saturday, March 9, 2013

Return to Jurassic Park

I flew down to Mexico for a short 11 day trip, and my friend Wes who has a boat here has kindly agreed to take me around for the duration.  We went out to this island that is one of my favorite places in Mexico.  I have made a video, and pictures will follow when I get more time on the internet. 
Being in the warm climate again is really nice, and swimming in the warm ocean is like heaven.  I want to bring Altair back down to the southlands again.


With Brio said...

AWESOME video -- the kite footage is super cool and the time lapse shots are awesome. Was all of it done on your GoPro? Or some on a fancier camera?

Katrin said...

Coool video!!! Makes me wanna go there now!:) Did you use your new fancy camera to do these close-up focus-pull shots of the birds?

Robert Dubuque said...

Yet another great video. Making good progress on my self steering gear, and should be ready to splash by spring.

I could use some warm weather myself.


Aimee said...

Boobies!!!! Great video! The new camera's videos are so clear.