Friday, March 1, 2013

Night Fury

The stove is to be called Night Fury.  The name of a type of dragon in the animated movie "How to Tame your Dragon," this is applicable because of the dark complexion of the stove and how small and generous it is. 
On to other business.  I made another video, which I will put here, about the inside of the boat.  I was working on adding new LED strip lights, which I have now that run in the V berth, along the sides and on the ceiling, when I decided to make a video of the progress.  I should have cleaned up more beforehand, and this isn't my finest work.

I shot the video with my new camera, a D7000, which is a super snazzy machine, I got it yesterday.  It can do anything.  I am sadly retiring my old workhorse, the D70 I've had for many years.  Its seen salt water and desert dust and snow and ice and even lava.  My poor D70 is amazingly tough and has lived a difficult life in the elements.  Here is a picture of the old beast...
The new camera has lots of press about it, you can read some of it here.
Other than that, I'm going to Mexico for a short trip and when i get back I should have some more content for this blog. 

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mlloyd said...

When you get back from Mexico, you should sail south to Olympia for a visit! I'd love to experience the improvements first hand.