Monday, June 4, 2012

To Hawaii video

I made a video of the trip over.  its very long, I am sorry for that, but I couldn't help it.  


Leah said...

Video was awesome Christian -- can't believe the footage you got with the kite!! Jon and I both said we'd happily watch another 20 minutes :) And congrats on a successful passage -- enjoy your time in Hawaii!!!

Anonymous said...

Great video. Maybe your best.
Not too long at all.
The helicopter shots were particularly impressive ;)


Anonymous said...

Good video! Was that the kite you borrowed from me (John on NAKIA) or did you use another one?

Rob said...

What!!!! Christian amazing! So inspiring. We're in Alaska. Stoked you made the passage - thanks for sharing it. We may be behind you... Keep in touch! Rob and Kai~ Velella velella

Julia Copeland said...
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