Saturday, June 16, 2012

Maui stage one

I've been on Maui for about a week now, and it is nice.  I'm staying in Lahaina, near the Mala Wharf.  You can find it online.  There are quite a few other boats here, but sadly, few of them are in sailing condition.  The tourism industry here is very permeating, and everyone seems to drive a rental car.  I tried to hitch hike to get mom at the airport a week ago and was not picked up for nearly an hour.  It was a little irksome, but not too much, since there is a bus and I could have taken it.  The water is super clear.  Dad has now arrived, he will stay for 12 days and then Abe and Katrina are coming.  So I have a full docket here in Maui.  I've taken some pictures from some places, but they will have to wait for a better connection, I think.


Unknown said...

Are you anchored or on a mooring?

Velellavelella said...
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Danny said...

Excellent! I saw I missed a call from you a few days ago, but I have yet to get cell coverage (our shipboard data system somehow receives a signal though...) to ring ya back. Plans developing for AK at all? Amanda Barber (redhead) and I were talking today while driving our inflatable boats around Baird Glacier, and she told me about this engineer-type guy that her friend Alexis knows that built his own windvane, and that she got to look at it in LA in 2010... She also mentioned this funny blue bit of fabric the guy was sewing onto the luff of his jib to protect it from the sun, but how it was kind of floppy. I asked if he was monkey-like, and if his boat had a monster bow sprit on it: she then gave me a look of complete bewilderment, as if I had read her mind. Small world eh? : )