Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Off to the Races!

There is a big regatta going on in the bay right now, with a lot of J-24s, some large boats, and some BIG BOATS. They've been zipping around the anchorage and yearning for speed, and contesting each other in the water every afternoon. A few days ago I managed to get myself mixed up in two races at once. One was against Stefan's brand new bottom paint (and his Triton) and the other was the big boat races that happened to be running across our course. But we were nice and gave them the right of way.
There have been a few other boats that haven't been racing (as far as I can see). A big trimaran and a big sloop, both showed up here and then left again, without partaking in the races. I hear there is some long distance race that they might have just finished here, and now are going home. So on the homeward bound leg, I caught up with this super fast trimaran and got some pictures before I left him in my wake...
Anyways the wind is good and the races are fun to sail around and watch. El Presidente de Mexico was here to watch the race, so I got close to him, but didn't see him in person. Too bad. I've seen the prez of Panama and China, why not one more?
Here are some pictures from the racing...
And a helicopter for someone to identify.


T. Abe Lloyd said...

I Win!! this is a McDonald Douglas Explorer (MD-900)

Anonymous said...

Abe won,

Here's you chopper