Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Future Unfolds

There hasn't been much of a change in my state of being over the last few months, so I'm running out of things to write about. Soon, I will be going to new places and then I'll have more stuff to write about, but not quite yet. Well, there are some things. A lot of the people that I have met over the last year, and some that I have met last year, and even a couple that I met longer ago than that, up in Bellingham, well, they are working their way back. Back to Home, back to the north, back to the future... But they come and go, and the closer I come to going the more I feel that little sad and happy feeling you get when you realize that someone means something to you. That you'll miss them when you don't see them ever again. Well, maybe not never, but who knows? I'm hungry right now and I just got a plate of food in front of me, and the feeling is similar I think, where you are happy to be a little sad. I am hungry, but holding it off a little longer...
Ok, enough of that. I just took a bite. I'm not going to be ruined by this parting of friends (sorry to those of you reading) but I will remember.
Anyhow, this catamaran is Cat 2 Fold, a cool looking thing that is heading back north right now, with a friendly couple that I met back in Cabo in November. Also, my friend Stefan, the German guy who I've been surfing with and playing chess against, he is heading to the south, to Costa Rica, in a few weeks. And the "fleet" of people crossing the pacific will depart soon.
My departure date is still up in the air, but I am really leaning towards April 30.
Also, for those of you reading and writing comments, I really appreciate the commenting, but I am unable to respond to any comments or questions unless you make sure I know your email address. Feel free to send me an email using, or let me know in the comment who you are, so I can find your email in my files.
Here is another shot of Altair with the new solar panels and the racing Genoa up (in place of the cruising-beat up-rusty jib)
Unfortunately I lost this race as well, since I went to the wrong mark.
But I am undefeated in the downwind spinnaker runs.

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