Monday, August 23, 2010

The Run in, continued...

So I am in repair mode right now. I've measured the cables that hold up the mast that were damaged by the other boat, and I've ordered them, so soon I'll get to picking them up and installing them. Unfortunately, I managed to lose my faithful Bruce anchor over the weekend of rafting, and I need to replace that.
On thursday, I headed out to the Deschutes River to go river rafting, and invited Abe and Katrina (his girlfriend) down to join. (I, in turn, was invited along by a friend I met down here at frisbee) Anyway, the weekend was looking promising, so of course my boat decided to get run into just before I was ready to leave, and when I returned to it today I discovered a lot of things wrong. The anchor that I like to use as my primary is missing, still down at the bottom amongst the rubble. Apparently the anchor line was cut during the weekend, I suspect something sharp on the bottom. So I need to get another, or go diving for this one (and hopefully others, if I can find them) but the water is murky and gross.
LaFawnda is also suffering. She doesn't like being in big waves, and that's what she got over the weekend. And my anchor roller is not happy either. All in All, a number of tasks.
And I don't have much time. Abe and Katrina decided to come on down from oregon to Cali in order to go out sailing, so they should be here tomorrow, and I need to get the boat in order by then. So I've got a bunch of things to do in short time. Ok, here are some pictures from the rafting trip...
Oh, and there is one shot of Malibu, and a shot of the anchorage from the airplane. You can see my boat in the picture, the second one in from the right.

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