Monday, August 2, 2010

Long Beach

I am anchored in Long Beach currently. It is quite the nice area, in fact. Upon looking at the charts and maps, I would have thought long beach to be a mostly industrial spot, with a beach that was filled with bums and garbage. In fact, it is a high class spot where fancy people go to eat and walk along the water, and drive their Ferraris around. Which makes it not the ideal spot for me. There isn't much of a spot to land my boat, despite having a really nice anchorage and practically no swell. All the beaches are combed by people and patrolled by enforcement, which makes it hard to tie up a nucanoe and leave it behind. So I don't think I will be back.
There is the Queen Mary (a big old ocean liner tied up right downtown) and a cruise ship dock, and I've met some nice people, but I think I'll hop around other marinas in the future. I haven't been to Dana Point yet, so thats an option. Unfortunately, I have forgotten to bring my camera around on the little trips I've made around here, so I don't have any good pictures. This shot was from when Danny was aboard, when we got a Sheephead fish, and you can see the big teeth.
The underwater video camera managed to fix itself (I am not sure what was wrong, but it wouldn't work) and so I am anxious to make new underwater videos.
Also, when I was in Cabrillo anchorage in San Pedro, last week, my paddle for my nucanoe was stolen. So I was forced to find a new one, which isn't as good.
And finally, I'm playing frisbee almost every sunday now, with a group of people in Hermosa Beach, and that is really fun. For the last two months I've been borrowing cleats whenever I go, but soon (I hope) my Dad will send me my own pair (that I left behind stupidly) and I'll use them. For now my problems are that I need to find a pair of good cheap sandals to wear, and maybe another pair of running shoes. Or some Shoegoo.
This year's hurricane season is progressing slowly, with only 6 depressions, and I think 4 of them made it to be named storms, and none of them coming close to the Sea of Cortez, but I'm glad that I am staying out of the way for now. The season closes in October, and there is a big race from San Diego then, so I might follow the racers down then.

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ShoeGoo, GREAT stuff!
I knew you'd finally see the light:)