Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wintering over


Though I don’t at the moment have all the accoutrements of society that I used to have, namely a car (or a job), I am no longer living on water. Yes, I still have a boat, but the focus has shifted now. I put the boat up for sale a little while ago, and I intend to sell it, so my eyes are focused on the land again. Oh, I will probably go back out into the blue, but I think its best to wait a while, and get used to not having a boat for a few years. There is so much to take care of with a boat, and especially after a long trip, when everything seems to want to break. So this is the end of the blog, as its called “Life on Water.” In the near term, I plan on spending this fall living in Seattle and working on taking the GRE and on graduate school applications, (though I’m not quite sure what I want to go in to yet) and then in January go on traveling some more, by foot and airplane. Now that I look at the title of this posting, I don’t think its right. I don’t have a job yet, so I’m not really returned to the world.
I'd like anyone who reads this blog on occasion to tell me about it, if only to let me know who is reading, please email me at
I'm sorry about the slow frequency of updating the blog in the last while. I sort of lost interest in taking pictures all the time and internet has been hard to find. So I didn't have anything to post.
Here are some pictures from the final trip of Altair, on her return from Bellingham to Seattle (via Victoria)
I caught a Lingcod, the first time I've ever done that, and it was nice and tasty. Abe was making Elderberry Jelly in Victoria, and I saw a submarine on the way in the Puget Sound.
Ok, so this is the end. I hope to hear from anyone who reads this!


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Danny Blanchard said...

Dang it! Post something already! It's a lie, I tell you! If water was no longer heavier than air, or you actually sold Altair, or god forbid you died, then it would be OK to stop making posts. But none of these events have yet to occur, so give me a picture of a big-ass tree falling down (or at least a picture from up high), or a shot of the new rudder, or some sort of mind-blowing piece of 15th-century poetry - ANYTHING! I've clicked on my bookmark for this blog literally hundreds of times in the past 4 months, and it's time I get some stinking validation for my effort! Snort! : )


PS - weekendishness of the 19this-21stish for some sailing?