Monday, July 21, 2008


I began on my great northbound trip on the 8th of july... I headed up to Bellingham, and then got a call from a housemate of mine, and I took him out in the san juans, and was prepared to continue north, when, I got a call from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend's parents, who said he needed crew to head to San Francisco (from Seattle). I've never done offshore anything, so here was my chance. I sprinted (at 5 kts) back to seattle, and last night I checked out his boat. Its seaworthy, but it could use some more attention. The guy doesn't have much sailing experience, but I think I have enough to where I feel comfortable with the boat, even if he doesn't. He is full of "oh, that wouldn't happen" and I am full of "We best be ready if it breaks" I sound a lot like Jed, who if he's reading this, should give me a call and tell me how he is.
I also had a grievous loss. My faithful D70 was lost. Drowned. I was going ashore, and I dropped her over the side into 6 inches of water. 6 inches too much. The salt water is all over her, and I fear for her life. (especially since the power was on)
So now I am looking for a new camera.
And I'm leaving tomorrow for San Fran. So I am in a rush.
But after this trip, I think I'll be heading back northbound.
So I do have some pictures. Here is one of a friend and his girlfriend I too out sailing on the way north. I promised to put it on line...
And the Heron is one of the last pictures my poor camera ever took. (3rd to last to be specific).
But besides, that, I still had the video camera, which can take stills. So I got a picture of my housemate, wielding a blade in the sun...

I also took a decently seasick video of my speed when I was cruising in the mouth of the puget sound on saturday...

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