Thursday, July 24, 2008

Neah Bay

I'm in Neah Bay, and fighting for wireless access. I'll be leaving soon.
The trip so far has been rough. We left Seattle hastily, and suffered for it a little, we motorsailed out past Port Townsend, then hit the rough seas where the current and the wind opposed, and I didn't sleep at all that night. Pat took the first night watch (9 until 3 am) and I sat in the V berth getting sick. Then it was my turn at 3, so I was up and got up some more sail to try to stabilize the boat and heaved overboard a few times. I didn't after that, but I felt no good for the rest of the trip.
Pat has been having a tough time, he's gotten pretty sick a bunch of times, so I've been on watch a lot. Daybreak I made it to Victoria and then we got in to Neah Bay at nightfall last night.
The Boat has a lot of things that need to get fixed on it, like all respectable boats, but I am still confident in the integrity of it all.
This will probably be all until I get to San Francisco, unless we decide to stop somewhere.
The weather looks to be favorable, so hopefully it will be only a week to get there.
And I'll try to call with position info occasionally.

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Matt said...

It's been a week, where are you!