Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Road Trip Continues

Since I last checked in, I managed to see some more cool stuff...  First off, are a lot of beetles roaming around, and I found two of them working on the future populations, using the birds and beetles technique.  This was on a trail down into the Barrier Canyon, where I saw some Barrier Canyon art!  The classic look is that the figures are tall and skinny and have no arms or legs, and this one in the photo is 9 ft tall and about 20 ft up a cliff.  If you figure for erosion, that makes it very old.  

 Along the way there were present resident rodents, this is an antelope squirrel.
 And of course the pronghorn.  This one was posing for me in front of a mountain range.
 I really like the juniper trees and the twists they get themselves into sometimes.  I guess the only way out of this pickle was to die and turn into a dried up old stump.
 And I've seen some wild donkeys, this family had a baby, and some words of advice about my photography.
 In this area around the Barrier Canyon, I found a cool overlook of the Green River,
 And a beautiful arch that is not often visited.
 A closer look from another overlook.  The river twists and turns so much it must get very tired before it can rest in the ocean.
 A little further along is Island in the Sky, a part of Canyonlands National Park.  From here, you can see where the Green and Colorado rivers join up.  It is a very high mesa with cliffs all around, and I like the name.
 I tried flying my Nikon from the kite on a lonely dirt road when the wind was blowing, and it worked out quite well, but for the sandy drop at the end.  I brushed the camera off without damage.
 Does anyone know what this is?  I see these nice white flowers poking up towards the sun all over now, since the rains have fallen and the sun is getting brighter.  Spring comes slowly here, it is still cold at night.
 This is a very steep road down the cliffs from Island in the Sky to the Colorado River, and I drove down it with my stomach in my mouth.  Eventually, my stomach returned to its rightful place...
 Down at lower elevations, the cacti are blooming, and I got this look at sunset next to the Colorado River.
 There are arches all over the place and some of them have nice trails to get to the viewpoint, so on this one, I found a wonderful little tree all lonesome, with a ladder framing the way.
 It leads to the Corona Arch.

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