Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sailing and birds...

 I've been surfing my arms off the last couple weeks, but I also met another boat of comparable length (a 28 ft Westsail) and we had a bit of a race.  I got a few pictures of their boat (named Slow Dance) and they got a few of mine.  And then, I went for a bit of a birdwatching tour and found myself in the midst of ducks and a nice Kestrel.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

 Here is an unknown kind of flicker...  Can you guess what kind?
 There is a bit of rain in the mix today, and the doves are hiding their necks to keep the rain off.
 The ducks, of course are extending their necks.  Sitting ducks with their necks out.
 Here is the kestrel.  The wind was blowing around from this frontal system that is making its way through.  Its a wonderful breath of air coming off the ocean that reminds me of Bellingham in the winter, but the air is warm and the wind very fresh.  This kestrel was dodging through the gusts in search of some kind of prey and I got him before he zipped away.
So here is a picture of my boat when I was trying to go slow enough to stay with the other guys, that is why I have the furler half in and it is flapping.  

 Now I am more serious about speed and I've got everything flying.
Mexico is treating me quite well this year.  I had a nice exploration through the Sea of Cortez in the fall, and then I did another one with the SEN (which was a great experience) and now the surf is starting to pick up and I feel great about Altair.  In short, life is great.

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