Saturday, September 24, 2016

2016 Alaska Season Ends!

 The season is over and all we have to do now is to shut the boat down.  But this last week was a great way to finish.  We went to a fish hatchery on Baranof island where there are TONS of bears.  I think we saw 12, but possibly more.  Its hard to keep track of them all.  They were super fat bears, eating salmon like there was no tomorrow.  The fish hatchery seems to be ok with them eating all the salmon they can, so that is cool.
 This was my first time seeing Coho salmon up close.  That is what is in the hatchery.

 Then we went to a waterfall in the dark and shone the lights on the falls.  Beautiful.
 And then we saw a huge pod of Orcas messing with a humpback whale.  They were really close to it and staying that way, but I don't think they were going to eat it.  Just bother it.

 I got a nice view of an eagle.  Always good to look for them...
 And some Aurora to fill in the nighttime
 And a sea otter came swimming over to check me out in the Inian Islands, just boldly swam up.  It was eating an octopus and then swam over to check us out, and got about 10 ft away.
 This is a picture of some of the folks.  I really liked these guests.  It was a bit hard to say goodbye.  I'm also saying goodbye to Alaska soon, and getting ready to head south.  I'm looking into taking a road trip down the coast and that should be fun.

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