Friday, January 9, 2015

San Diego

We've arrived at the end of America.  While rounding Point Loma, we found ourselves in Mexican Cell-phone territory, and we could smell the southern land in the SE wind that blew against our long drive from Catalina to here.  The smell of burning plastic and garbage.  Ahhh.  After a great skiing trip in the high elevations of the Rockies and a return to Altair, we are going south once more.  It feels good and also I am nervous.  I like the progress after two months of being stationary.  I'll be here until Tuesday, probably, and then head to Ensenada to cross the border.

Now for the pictures  Here is a Northern Fulmar (I think) that was swimming slowly close to Santa Barbara Island, and I snapped a shot.  Zoom in on the beak and look at that thing!
We went to Two Harbors and saw some of the Bison that live on Catalina.  They were brought in for a movie a long time ago and have remained.  A sort of pitiful little herd, but menacing at the same time.

We left in the middle of the night in order to make the 71 mile trek from the southern tip of Catalina to here, and during my lonely watch I got my camera out and snapped a few pictures.  It was really calm, so this 30 second shot worked well.

Hopefully in a few days we'll be in Mexico with all the political things sorted out, in a few more days.  From then on, its just a matter of wind and water.

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