Thursday, November 6, 2014


Altair is no longer holy.  A gentle Mexican-American man named Alan reached into her grave and pulled.  Altair is reborn as a boat again.  I, of course, haven't taken any pictures of the fixing or the final result, so sorry about that, but I hope to do some photography when she gets back into the water, which I think will be Friday (tomorrow).  So a week on the firm ground.  We've gone surfing a bit, and I got another board (So I have 5 now) and it is a rocket.  Its a 9'6", kind of narrow, with a pointy pin back end and sweet carbon fins.  It catches everything and turns quite well, but is designed for fast and larger (than I have seen lately) waves, so I can't wait to get to that sort of condition.
When we splash we'll head out to the islands for a week or more and be somewhat incognito, and hopefully have adventures to share after. 

Also I made this video a few weeeks ago.  It is not at all about me, but my brother's work with wild rice.

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