Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall in Bellingham

I've been busy.  I'm living on Altair right now and will be for a few more weeks before heading to a house in Fairhaven.  During the ample time afforded, I've been building some new things.  I am almost done rebuilding LaFawnda, and tested out the new design just today, sailing around the bay.  It is the best one yet, of course, with precise control and sturdy power.  I have yet to paint the bottom part of it with antifouling paint, and then put her back on. 
One of the things that has frustrated me with living aboard is the lack of Wifi.  I got the password from a nearby hotel but couldn't get a signal.  So, when Ric sent me a link to a parabolic reflector wifi antenna thing, so I built one yesterday, and it works great!  I've got a few pictures of the thing, but it is really easy to build.  Basically, draw out a parabola on a piece of plywood (remember  Y = A X ^2  ) and then find a piece of metal and staple it on.  Then find the focus of the parabola (X^2 = 4 P Y)  Where P is the focus distance. 
Anyways, I built this thing:

 There have been some storms that came through over the last few weeks, and in one of them the rain was so thick.  Its pretty, but I was staying inside with the fire on and keeping warm.  My little dragon stove has been doing wonders with keeping the air inside the cabin warm and dry.  
There have been a few boats wandering around in the wind, none that have been totally destroyed, at least near me, but wandering nonetheless.  Many of them are leaving for the wintertime, but some stalwart boats still remain. 

I've also been on a few walk on the few sunny days this fall.  Clayton Beach turned up to be quite profitable, as I found a sand dollar.  

My sister Monica and her partner Bryan came up to race in a Cyclocross race in town, so I went to watch.  Rachel, my other sister, has been racing Cyclocross for a long time, and has amassed a fortune of equipment, including a nice carbon frame that she gifted to Monica, so I got a picture of the bike and the sister, but sadly the names don't match.

 The race was muddy and slow and tiresome for Bryan, but they left the next day.
 Alex Walker, a friend from way back in High School, was also in the race, so I got a few pictures of him.
 Here is Bryan coming around the corner...

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mlloyd said...

Great photos little brother. Bryan's comment, "he could make a living doing this!" consider taking beautiful pictures at the other Cascade Cross races and handing out your info so folks can buy them from you!