Saturday, July 6, 2013

In Juneau Again...

Another northbound trip, and the last of this term for me. It was kind of foggy and cloudy for most of the trip, and for that reason (or maybe others) I didn't take very many pictures, until later in the trip. I went on a small bushwacking hike where we explored a beaver dam and then made our way through the untracked wild until we got to a beach, where we were picked up at. It was exciting to go through the bush, to truly go off trail, but very slow. Since the weeks are starting to blur together, and I am on the shift that makes it hard to stay up during the day, I'm not able to see the sights quite as much, but I am continually seeing new things. The Arctic Terns are starting to sit on the ice in the Glacial Fjord, which they haven't been doing before. I had seen a few flying around, but none sitting on the ice. Every location that we go to is slightly different than when last we were here, and it is neat to see the differences. More salmon (but not yet huge flocks) more bears, and more whales.
This next turn day (I'm writing this on friday) will begin my last week and I am feeling really excited about it. I like the southbound trip a lot, and I want to have some time off, and go for a little bit of sailing on my own boat.

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Leigh Stockton said...

That's me hugging that tree...that was a big tree! Thanks for all the photo tips and being a great guide/deckhand~