Thursday, April 26, 2012

Because its there

Why am I going? I can answer the where and the how, and work on the way, but the why is not so easy. Is it to see the sights? I should take an airplane or have someone else along. Is it to see the deep? To be away from people?
There is definitely some ego in this voyage. Perhaps that is not a bad thing. I am a bit like Ahab, seeking to punch a hole through the White Whale and touch the face of God. Except I don't want to kill, but to be judged. I have climbed a mountain to reach for the heavens, to taste my own mortality and be able to step back into life reborn. I wasn't in much danger on the heights, yet I could see the dangers flying past in the thin atmosphere.
The sailing trip will be similar, I think. A feeling of danger and the time for testing my spirit. There might even be real dangers and bad weather for me to deal with, though I am most worried about my own reflection. 30 days without people is a long time.
If upon arrival (the if is always necessary, I think), I hope to be stronger, graduated, or more wise, but I suppose I will have just a memory of a long time sitting going slow upon the waters. Is that worth it? Will the bragging right of singlehanding a long ocean passage be something I even want? I think so. I am always hoping for approval, and here's another way to impress. 

I wrote that a few days ago, but on a different subject, there is a contest!

If you can look up "hull speed calculations" and do some guessing, I will be leaving La Cruz anchorage at 12:00 (noon) on Monday the 30th for destination Hawaii.  How long will it take for me to get there? 
Please input your guesses (by comment or by email) as to the hour and day that I arrive at the breakwater in Hilo.  Closest guess wins a fabulous prize.  
I'm also going to try and call up any boats I see while underway and have them add a comment with my position to the blog.  So look at the comments if you are interested in potential updates to my location.  
I have a few more things to do before I leave, and a few more days to do it.  


T. Abe Lloyd said...

The first guesser is usually at a disadvantage, but here it goes. I think you will arrive on May 24th at 6:52pm, Hawaii Time.

Anonymous said...

S.P.O.T. beacon would update your position daily by email to your selected recipients.
Would go a long way to easing their worry about you.
Also good for emergency use.

Anonymous said...

May 30th, 6am in Hilo (sorry, dude, but I'm guessing you'll probably have some slow days:)) THANX for an AWESOME video! Katrin from Lila

mlloyd said...

I'll give you a guess with the benefit of full power winds in your sails the entire time. Which will have you arriving in Hilo around 6pm on the 20th (allows for 24hours of departure from maximum hull speed if my distance is correct). This means I'll start checking your blog multiple times a day from the 20th on, so make it quick little brother!

mlloyd said...

Actually my guess gives you 27 hours of sub maximal hull speed, so keep your sails trimmed!

Anonymous said...

Fair winds and a safe trip!