Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another video

I made this when I was at Isabella the last time a few weeks ago. I've always thought of it as Jurassic Park, so this is a primitive attempt.
Unfortunately, I can't upload the video into the blog direct, so I have to go throught YouTube, and damn them, they put an ad in my last one! I bet this one as well. Sorry about that. I am always trying to keep this blog as advertisement free as possible.


Abe said...

Nice work with the videos! They were both add free for me. The difference between your videos and Jurassic park is only that you are chasing everything instead of beings chased by everything. Maybe if Conan music was playing in Jurasic Park the T-Rex would have run away too.... Have you done anymore kite filming lately? I couldn't tell if the last shot of the Frigate Birds flying was from a kite or a cliff.

Anonymous said...

You've been too quiet for too long.
Methinks you must be up to something.
What's her name?

kava crosson-elturan said...

Lost boys! Looks like so much fun. You should tape a toy dino to your stick.