Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another year on water

Happy New Year! I got back to Mexico safely and soundly, but I think I managed to pick up some sort of bug on the plane so I am taking it easy right now. I went out to see the Whale Sharks again yesterday, but didn't get any pictures. The weather in La Paz is the best I've seen it, with warm days and a light wind. Usually it is too much wind or nothing.
Before I left to go to California, I managed to lose my sailors hat. It was one of those stupid things that I really like, despite that it's dirty and kind of broken. I still love it. The departure was a mystery, since I couldn't figure out how it managed to escape, but I searched everywhere.
Well, not exactly everywhere. I just found it! And amazingly, I feel much better, like my sickness is lifted. So I just climbed the mast (twice, since I forgot something the first time) and did some wiring work I was putting off for a long time, and I'm also working on a backup for some of the shrouds (that hold up the mast).
Altair is feeling her age, and I noticed something that needs some love in the not so distant future, while up on the top. I think it will last for a while, but I need to keep my eye on it.
In a few days I will sail on over to the mainland and then surf some more and the work on going to Hawaii. I don't exactly have a plan yet, but I'll work on it, now that I've got my thinking cap back.
This is always a hard time of year for me, with the sun being so far away, and I'm starting to get lonely again, but I think the trip across will do me good, and maybe I can spear a big wahoo or something at Isabella.


Aimee Fertman said...

Yay, I'm so glad you found your hat. It was nice seeing you in California. Take care and good luck on your travels, be it Hawaii or elsewhere.

Amy (Typhoon) said...

Happy New Year, Christian!

Hawaii? :) That should be a fun adventure. Mike and I were there once and I'd love to go back.