Friday, February 11, 2011

More surfing... sort of

Just to show my big sister that I can surf all sorts of waves, here is some evidence. In fact, I was practicing my tow in surfing on some waves, towing behind a dinghy to get up to speed, and then slingshoting into a wave. The waves were a shorebreak, but it was still fun. Then we towed along the break, and I could dip in and out, and try to jump a little, but that didn't work out too well, they just built up too quickly, so I ended up on the wrong side of a wall, being towed into it. Still, plenty of fun. The water has warmed up a little bit down here, but is still not toasty, hopefully it will get better.


Rachel said...

Nice! Christian!! Looks like you have made some more friends at this anchorage! Looks fun (except for the "wall" which is nowhere to be seen in this photo... you could be on a lake for all we know!)


-Rachel (the other 'big sister' I was assuming that you were referring to the surfing big sis that is Monica in your text.)

Bryan said...

You sure showed me little bro =)
Last summer we also had fun towing behind boats, not into waves though, just through the south sound!