Friday, January 14, 2011

Bahia Banderas

Following a conversation with my dearest Father, I learned this morning that I am expecting company on Sunday! My dad is coming down to visit, in Puerto Vallerta. So instead of the super liesurely route I was taking, today I booked across the water and am now in Bahia Banderas. The bay of Flags. Within this bay lies Puerto Vallerta, and the upheavals of tourism speckle the hills and beaches all around for miles. The airport is the center of it all, bringing in the blood. Housing developments, private communities, and security guards menace the jungle, trying to keep it away from the golf courses and brickwork.
I arrived at night, and have just put down the anchor to find that I have internet on the boat! This is the one joy I find in all this "progress", that sometimes someone forgets to put a lock on their internet.
Before I left San Blas (a wonderful town, by the way) I saw a One Horse Power outboard engine, as pictured above. You will note the One Horse, powering the boat. It wasn't enough to get the boat up on a plane, but that was probably because there were two people on board and they were driving the boat backwards, for some reason.
The water down here has not been very clear. I was just about to go diving this morning when I checked my email and realized I needed to get a move on, but the water at Chacala (where I was this morning) was only about 15 ft visibility at best. So not much for spearing fish around here I guess. Hopefully it will get better as I go further south. There have been some waves, however, but I haven't managed to get my boards out and surf. There is this nasty NW chop/swell, its about 8-12 seconds apart, and its maybe 3 ft tall, but its surfable, if I could find the right point. Maybe tomorrow morning. I'm about 13 miles away from Puerto Vallerta, so I can get there tomorrow night and everything will be fine to get my dad on sunday.

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mlloyd said...

You're sure that the horse is powering the boat and not the other way around?