Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm up on the hard right now, which is to say the boat is up on dry land, supported by blocks instead of water. I have pictures, but I'll probably post them later when I have a better connection. This one right now is no good. The hull is now mostly fixed. All the fiberglass work is done, but I have to wait a few days before I paint it, and that is all I need to do. Paint and then put back in the water. The down side of it all is that it is costing me a lot of money. The yard here is the kind of deal where they take you and chop off your arm first off, then they want you to communicate in sign language with them, and since you can't, they chop off more pieces of you and charge you a whole lot of money for it. I was hoping to get hauled out for $150, then maybe have the work done for another $200. Wrong. Its $1200 right now, and I think they might try to swindle me for more. I can't believe it. I think I could sell the boat right now for about $4000, but maybe not. Nobody is buying, so I might be spending half of the value of the boat right now. What is most frustrating is that nobody told me how much it was all going to cost. It just turns up after you can't make the decision to cancel the job and do it yourself, and then its too much. That is highway robbery. But they have me by the balls because they have my boat and I can't get it in the water without paying.
So I am high and dry until Monday, when I will re-splash with less leaks. (it better not leak)
From there I'll just cry into my bank account for a while.


Anonymous said...

It's only money.
Think of it as a 'hotel' where you pay to stay, and they work on your boat for FREE!
Any way you look at it, you get a dry safe place to sleep with hot showers and no worries about the anchor or the tide, AND your boat gets some needed maintenance.
P.S. Good time to change the engine oil ;)

Jed said...

The price is in line with what I would have expected--rush job w/ haul out and yard labor. They've quoted a good percentage of that just to haul and paint the bottom of mine--with a few months lead time.

The damage looks pretty benign as well on the outside. How is the bulkhead tabbing holding up?