Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mo Mods

More pictures of the bowsprit and the dodger. Water beads up on the GORETEX really nicely. I need only to change some of the placements of the velcro that holds the dodger on to the frame and cut a small hole for some lines to run through and add pockets and I'm done with it.
The Bowsprit is amazing. I ran two jibs for a long time, and though its tough to tack with both of them out there, I can manage. The boat really is fun when I have it sailing that way. And pretty, I think.
Behind the dodger, its much warmer than it used to be, and the windows are convienent, because you can see through them nicely, and they don't have to be that big to work. and the walls don't block them off when you sit on the seat. Its a bit crowded under the dodger, I will have to be careful not to bump my head.


Ric said...

Dodger looks Great!
Now you can sleep with the door open in the rain.
Hard to believe the boat never came with one when it was built.

ralph Lloyd said...

Chris, you did not mention the carpentry assistance you recieved. I like the way the bowspirit is coming togather! Love, Dad.